Treatment and support for anger management.

Anger and rage are not actual emotions. They are a reaction to something much bigger. If you are feeling backed into a corner (vulnerable) anger can set in. People sometimes feel more comfortable to express their boundaries when they are upset. In moments of anger, it is a way of trying to reclaim your power (in an unhealthy way). The driving force of anger is helplessness, fear or just being plain fed up.

Anger is actually a huge discomfort for some people and can be very difficult to control.

Getting help for anger issues.

The good news is, just like anxiety, stress, a lack of confidence; it can be healed through Belief Coaching and Therapy Sessions. Anger is the symptom of an emotion. An emotion that has been trapped or suppressed. Once trapped emotions are released (a technique I use within the session) the results are transformative.

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Additionally, here are some useful tips and tools for treatment and support for anger management in the website links below:


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