I have struggled with emetophobia for as long as I can remember, probably since a young child. I had lots of areas to work on which contributed to the phobia. I used to call it ‘my phobia’ like it belonged to me but now I know it does not! Lisa worked through the discomforts one by one over a period of weeks. I noticed a shift in the way I was feeling and thinking in just the first session. She was very approachable and knowledgable of the issues I discussed with her.

One of the biggest challenges was the feeling that I could never be free of it. This had a big impact on my mental well-being. I had therapy previously but it hadn’t worked. Belief Coding sessions were hugely different. Belief Coding sessions mean I no longer think about being sick or getting sick. I found it difficult to stay in certain social situations for fear of becoming ill but I now have the mental strategies and affirmations which have given me a totally new outlook. I have gained confidence and am able to eat in different places. My self esteem has improved and I can enjoy things in a way that I didn’t before. My family have noticed a big difference and I am feeling so much more positive. I am really glad that Lisa has been able to help make such a difference over the weeks. Thank you Lisa.

Lacey, Staffordshire Moorlands