Do you wonder if you can afford better mental health and wellbeing?

Questions I often get asked include, ‘How much is counselling per hour?’ ‘I don’t think I can afford to better my mental health’ ‘Why is it expensive?’ – But truly what price can you put on the quality of your life, well-being and mental health?

Coaching and therapy should be seen as an investment. An investment in YOU! If a person breaks their leg. They wouldn’t think twice about going to an NHS Hospital to seek medical attention. In my opinion, looking after your mental health and well-being should be no different. I lived with anxiety for almost six years. I paid for two Belief Coding Coaching sessions and the symptoms of my anxiety were instantly relieved. If I had of invested sooner, I would have experienced transformation sooner and ultimately saved myself years of worry. After all, I had paid more for a cut and colour at the hairdressers than I did for my first session. So I invite you to consider…

What price are you putting on your mental health? What affect and impact is it having on your daily life? And what is it costing you already?

Worth considering…

I offer a free discovery phone call and my sessions average at just £47.50 per hour. Furthermore, many of the clients I work with have between 1 and 3 sessions to experience full transformation. Read about their successes here. 

I have spoken to clients who have paid around £250 for one session and needed at least 5 sessions to feel the full impact. I also know of talk therapy and private counselling sessions where there is a weekly fee of £80 for 8 weeks.

Maybe consider re-framing these questions – How much is counselling per hour? How much is therapy or coaching per hour?  Instead ask yourself, ‘Am I worth investing in?’

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