Treatment and support for anger management

Clenched fist in anger

Treatment and support for anger management. Anger and rage are not actual emotions. They are a reaction to something much bigger. If you are feeling backed into a corner (vulnerable) anger can set in. People sometimes feel more comfortable to express their boundaries when they are upset. In moments of anger, it is a way […]

What price would you put on your mental health and well-being?

what price is your mental health

Do you wonder if you can afford better mental health and wellbeing? Questions I often get asked include, ‘How much is counselling per hour?’ ‘I don’t think I can afford to better my mental health’ ‘Why is it expensive?’ – But truly what price can you put on the quality of your life, well-being and […]

Find a therapist near me, Staffordshire

Therapist near me

Is location important when looking for a coach or therapist? No! There are a number of amazing therapists and coaches across Staffordshire and Stoke On Trent. However you don’t have to choose a therapist near to your home. Whilst it may be convenient to choose a therapist or coach near to you,  it is more […]

Support For Teenage Mental Health

Teenage mental health issues are on the rise Many young people grow up to have a healthy mind so that they can overcome stress, anxiety, emotional events or sudden changes. However, there has definitely been a reported increase in emotional and mental health problems among adolescents and young people. According to ‘One in six […]