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I’m an accomplished and qualified teacher – BA Hons in Primary Education and worked in Education for 14 years. Now I’m a Belief Coding® Coach, as well as a being a happy wife and mother, I help people put the sparkle back in their lives, just as I did…

Rewind a few years; and I was suffering with crippling anxiety, panic attacks and imposter syndrome. I worked exhausting 50+ hour weeks in leadership, and regularly experienced the “Sunday Blues”. That’s when I turned to Belief Coding®, and after just three sessions, my past traumas – growing up watching my parents broken relationship spiral, living with a close family member with addiction and mental health issues and awful experiences relating to my career – were healed.

Having experienced the transformative power of this simple and effective healing method, I trained and attained full accreditation as a Belief Coding® Coach.

Now, I’m living my best life, introducing people to Belief Coding® and providing support to build confidence, self-worth, tackle depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, addiction and phobias.

I’m here – full of energy and empathy – to help you put the sparkle back into your life, too.

what is belief coding?®

Your subconscious mind is a powerful thing and has contributed to your thoughts and feelings your entire life. Often your subconscious can work against you, limiting your emotions. Belief Coding® is more than talk therapy. We work through your subconscious, to identifying blocks to motivators and self-limiting beliefs. Then we resolve and heal them, coding in new beliefs and arming you with empowering affirmations, that will transform your life.

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